Here at The Babylon Academy, we strongly believe in the power of KNOWLEDGE. We know how hard it can be to find the right information to progress further on your wealth building journey as online is filled with so much information that it can become overwhelming just trying to figure out where to start. Not only that, time is our most precious commodity and that’s why leveraging someone else’s skills to speed up your learning time is a huge advantage. This is why we are now offering private coaching with successful professionals who are loaded with wealth building skills ready to help you level up quicker. See below for our current available coaching sessions and be sure to check back for future coaching opportunities!

crypto trading

1 Hour private crypto coaching session


3 hour private crypto coaching session


Private crypto coaching fast-track program


about our private crypto coaching:

Our one-on-one crypto coaching sessions are tailored to your needs and will help level up your trading skills. Whether you’re just starting your journey in crypto and want some extra help to make sense of it all, or you’re already trading but want some help to sharpen your skills so you can make the best educated decisions when it comes to your trading then our one-on-one sessions are for you.

Examples of coaching content covered:

  • Understanding Cryptocurrency
  • Understanding the charts
  • Patterns and how to spot them
  • Buying and selling
  • Plus much more (if you would like to know if something specific can be covered in the coaching session please contact us prior)

PLEASE NOTE: Before booking your private trading session, we strongly recommend that you do our 14 DAY CRYPTO TRADER- The Beginners Guide online program first as this will give you the basic fundamentals skills needed to trade crypto.